Monday, February 1, 2016

Gasparilla Sound 2-1-16

Location:  Gasparilla Sound
Time: 0900-1145
Tides: Short Outgoing
Weather: Light fog early, Light winds
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 19.5" trout, 18" snook, and 6 jack crevalle 
Notes: Trout took LiveTarget jointed mullet. Snook was a surprise in this area during winter. Saw numerous redfish, but couldn't get them to eat. Fished mainly around docks.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Creek Fishing 1-24-16

Location: Tidal creeks of Charlotte Harbor
Time: 0745-1100
Tides: Low
Weather: Clear and cold, Hi/Lo 55/41, winds E@10mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 2 snook to 12" 
Notes: Both snook took flies, my first fish on the fly of 2016. Slow action as a front had moved through the previous evening.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Creek Fishing 1-14-16

Location: Tidal creeks of Charlotte Harbor
Time: 0945-1300
Tides: Last of outgoing first of incoming
Weather: Clear and cold, Hi/Lo 69/51, winds E@10mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 19 snook to 29" Jack Crevalle, Tilapia, and two juvenile tarpon jumped.
Notes: Spinning tackle, Soft plastics on jig heads, suspending plugs. Saw a good amount of juvenile tarpon rolling. Tilapia was an interesting bycatch but we were far enough out up creek to be in semi fresh water. Spotted a manatee seeking warm water along with the snook.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Myakka 1/12/16

Location: Myakka
Time: 0930-1300
Tides: Outgoing
Weather: Clear and cold, Hi/Lo 68/47, winds NE@5-10mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 2 snook to 26" 1 redfish 25"
Notes: Spinning tackle, DOA Terroreyz. Missed a second redfish, a lot of snags and hang ups on the bottom of the river today for whatever reason. Very low water. Most of the fish were caught in a half hour period from 1015-1045.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alligator Creek 1-9-16

Location: Alligator Creek
Time: 0630-1030
Tides: Incoming
Weather: Heavy fog, Hi/Lo 80/60, winds E@5mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 8 snook to 16"
Notes: Spinning tackle, Lil Jon on Jighead. Did not see the typical larger snook that inhabit this creek. Also did not hook or see any juvenile tarpon. Very slow morning in comparison to past trips.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Myakka 1-8-16


Location: Myakka River
Tides: Incoming High @1234
Weather: Light rain early but rapidly clearing skies, Hi/Lo 76/64, winds SW@5-10mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 3 snook to 28"
Notes: Spinning tackle, suspending plugs and DOA Terroreyz. Lost a 30+" fish when the leader got caught in his gill plate.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tidal Creeks 1-6-16

Location: Tidal creeks of Charlotte Harbor
Time: 0945-1230
Tides: Incoming High @1234
Weather: Pre-Frontal, Hi/Lo 73/55, winds E@10mph
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 13 snook to 31"
Tactics: Spinning tackle, suspending plugs and soft plastics on jigheads.