Monday, June 24, 2013

Evening bassin

One thing I have always enjoyed is hitting up local canals for bass on summer evenings when the afternoon storms settle down. It's a relaxing change of pace from a 6-8 hour kayak trip. When the weather gets hot, day time kayak trips become almost cumbersome. Often times I will fish for snook in the surf in the morning and follow it up with a pond or canal bass night cap, leaving the kayaks at home.

 I recently got a couple of cheap bags of bass worms and have started putting them to good use, this two-pound fish came out of a canal in my neighborhood.

I had the worm rigged weedless on a weighted hook. It hit on the fall before the worm even hit bottom. I caught 4 more, all the others came in right around a pound. I just picked up some bullet weights and Trokar worm hooks to start fishing a true Texas rig next time I go out. Hopefully I can get a couple 5 pounders this summer!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Finally, some fishing!

Life has kept me off the water for the last two weeks so it was nice that all the stars lined up enough to let me chase some fly rod snook along the beach this morning. Hoping to get 3-4 fishing trips in this week so look for a couple of posts soon!