Monday, June 27, 2016

Location:  Venice Inlet
Time: 2100-2330
Tides: Outgoing
Weather: Light southerly wind
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 15 snook to 21" between 2 anglers
Notes: All fish caught on the fly. Schminnows as well as my experimental dock light shrimp fly were productive. Fish were very active through the night and were still feeding when we left. Fish were feeding heavily on small shrimp.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Venice Inlet Fishing 6-16-16

Location:  Venice Inlet
Time: 1900-2130
Tides: Incoming
Weather: Moderate westerly wind and isolated thunderstorms
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 60+ snook to 22 inches between 2 anglers
Notes: Found small snook schooled up and caught them practically every cast for about 45 minutes as the sun was setting. They took flies (Schminnow, Wooly Toad) as well as DOA shrimp. Caught one snook out of the docklights after sunset before the rain chased us off.

CoCoPlum Canal Fishing 6-16-16

Location:  CoCoPlum waterway
Time: 0600-0900
Tides: N/A
Weather: Light southerly wind isolated showers
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 4 bluegill to 11 inches, 3 stumpknocker
Notes: Very slow fishing day but set a personal best for largest bluegill on the fly. Got rained on today as well! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lemon Bay Fishing 6-13-16

Location:  Lemon Bay
Time: 0630-1000
Tides: Outgoing
Weather: Light wind out of the east, isolated showers.
Vessel: Gheenoe
Fish: 2 small trout and a small snook
Notes: Significantly less active than last time. Morning rain may have had an effect