Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shell Creek 6-24-14

Made a trip to a new area I have been meaning to get out to for nearly a year now. Shell Creek is a freshwater creek system off of the Peace River in Punta Gorda. I had heard good reports of panfish and bass in the past from this location and put it up on my list of places to try out. The main reason it took so long to get out to it is that it is nearly an hour drive from my house. I finally decided to make the drive, and I am glad I did as there were many panfish and a few bass to be had on the fly.

Location: Shell Creek
Time: 0600-1215
Tides: N/A
Weather: Sunny, Hi/Lo 93/74, light winds
Vessel: Native Ultimate 14.5
Fish: 45 bluegill to 10", 3 largemouth bass to 15" and 5 stumpknocker to 6"
Tactics: 2 weight fly rod with a shrymph fly, and 5 weight fly rod with a #10 popper

Lemon Bay 6-23-14

Fished my favorite summer time area in Lemon Bay targeting snook and trout. Got a late start but still managed a half dozen of each. No giants but I did enjoy consistent action.

Location: Stump Pass State Park
Time: 0900-1130
Tides: High @ 1030
Weather: overcast, Hi/Lo 92/70, winds W@10mph
Vessel: Native Ultimate 14.5
Fish: 6 snook to 22" and 6 trout to 17"
Tactics: spinning tackle. DOA Shrimp and Unfair Lures rip'n'slash

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Personal Best Fly Rod Snook

Location: Beach on Gasparilla Island
Time: 0730-1000
Tides: Low @ 0930
Weather: Sunny, Hi/Lo 91/72, Winds ESE 4-8 mph
Vessel: Walking
Fish: one snook @27"
Tactics: 8 weight fly rod, white DT-Special with red head
Notes: New personal best snook on the fly. The fish was on the edge of muddy water created by an eddy on the shoreline. I was able to sight fish it and had an excellent 4-5 minute battle with two long runs. Its rare that I catch a beach snook on fly that can't be stripped in, but this one was on the reel almost immediately. I was lucky to have a few joggers who slowed down to watch the fight stop and take the picture.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Little Sarasota Bay 4-1-14

Location: Vamo Rd on Little Sarasota bay
Time: 0700-1300
Tides: Incoming
Weather: Sunny, Hi/Lo 84/70, Winds 4-8 mph
Vessel: Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5
Fish: snook to 15", trout to 13" and a 24" redfish
Tactics: Spinning tackle. Weedless Aqua-Dream spoon was the hot lure.
Notes: While I did manage a slam, the only respectable fish of the day was the redfish

Shad Trip 1-31-14

Photo by Dee Kaminski

Location: St. Johns River
Time: 0700-1700
Tides: N/A
Weather: Overcast/light drizzle and cold
Vessel: Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5
Fish: 30+ American Shad
Tactics: Ultralight Spinning tackle. Shiney hiney jig was the lure of choice.
Notes: Bucket list fish crossed off. Also caught Bluegill, Crappie and LMB.