Friday, July 5, 2013

Beaching it

The wife, dog and I took a quick stroll on the beach to test out my new stripping basket. I got about half an hour of fishing in before the rains rolled in. Using a freshly tied DT special I managed a trout and a snook in short order. The basket worked great and made line management a breeze. Looking forward to using it pretty frequently the rest of this summer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Stripping Basket

With beach fishing season in full swing I found myself wanting to develop a line management system to utilize while stalking SWFL snook. I usually make a few casts and let the line play naturally around my feet. For lack of a better term, this kind of sucks when I decide to move a few clicks down the shoreline as the line either has to: 

A) All get back into the reel, making my next cast have to start from scratch


B) Get tangled around my feet and make me shout unwarranted obsceneties at the sky

Neither of these scenarios make for efficient fishing. If only I had a container that could not only keep my line off the sand and out of the waves but also in an easy to cast and untangled clump. 

Introduce my stripping basket. While I have seen many take advantage of a waste-basket uncomfortably affixed around the waist...  or some other form of line collecting device such as Carbon Marine's "line lair" which affixes to the deck of a boat and has protruding appendages to keep like from tangling... I haven't yet seen something to accommodate beach fishing where you don't have a deck to let line play out on.

Zip ties, a military belt and an Ikea FĂ–RSIKTIG children's stool all come together with a little ingenuity to create my fly line containment device. The contour of the Ikea children's stool keeps the basket snug to my waste and makes it easy to keep line close to my body and ready for the next cast. Walking down the beach is a breeze with this tool. I drilled a few holes in a pattern to keep the zip ties in check and create a table for the line to play out naturally in to, and have not had any problems yet.

Hopefully you can use this simple less than $15 project to help you in your beach fishing pursuits! Until next time keep those lines tight and those rods bent!

Dock Light Snook Flies

Spent some time during all this rain getting my boxes ready for some summertime docklight snook fishing. While I keep Gibby's DT Special variations and Norm's Crystal Schminnows in good supply for most of my beach and dock light fishing, I decided to try tying some different patterns to see if I have any success.

The pattern on the left is my interpretation of a very basic UV Polar minnow. A video on how to tie this simple pattern can be found here: 

The pattern on the right is known as a BSF (big snook fly/Borski shrimp fly). A step by step article can be found here:

Hopefully this rain subsides quickly so I can put these flies to the test!